Rosy the cute white catMark

Rosie the cat’s Story

My Introduction

  I have always been fond of having pets. I have had many pets in my life, from a white rabbit to a small yellow parrot. I have enjoyed having them around as I find them comforting and friendly. They are the best friend a person can have. Since I was a child, I longed for a cat as a pet. Sadly, the only pet I could never have was a cat. My mum had always been terribly allergic, so I had to accept this fact.
 As I had always wanted a cat, and this was really a hard truth to swallow. Mum was someone who I was close to and always had been close to. So unfortunately, I had no choice but to get any other pet, except for a cat. The reason I had found a longing and connection to cats was because they I find them cute, small and loving. It’s amazing to see how by giving them your love they can return it back to you. My cousin had a cat. Whenever I would go to see him, I would see the cat purring playfully and see how the cat was. It was lovely to see that whenever he used to come close, his cat would come up to him and lick him and would sit in his lap, wanting his attention.
 He had a lot of interest in cats and would get different cats of different breeds including Persian cats and Siamese cats. I would say that I had somewhat gotten that interest from him looking at his cats. I had various other pets including my favorite cute rabbit I had and the parrot who was trained to say our names as we would come by.

Moving to another city

  Fast forward to some years, I had moved out of my family home to a new city, where I had a part time job (as well as a graduation to attend). I had to move out from not just from my home but also I had to leave my city as well, which is something I found very difficult. I was sad to live without my family and my pets as well for the first time in my life.
 When I first got to the city, I had a mostly pretty boring routine. Life was pretty orderly in this city, but I did not find it as exciting as my hometown. I would get up, make my breakfast and go to study. Then I would have my lunch there and would get to work straight away.
 After reaching home in the evenings, I would get my dinner ready and occasionally speak to my family. Then, I would fall asleep. I had the worst two months of my life and I didn’t want to continue with this lifestyle anymore. I felt miserable and disconnected with the world and what it had to offer. I couldn’t take it anymore and knew I had to make a change. I told my family that I wanted to come back, but they gave me strength to stay positive and offered words of encouragement.
 They mentioned to me I would be getting a break in the coming months, in which I could come back. So, I decided to stay hopeful and continue working in the city.

The encounter with the beautiful little creature

  I was thinking of going back when one day, when I saw two guys taking a cat. The cat was so beautiful- it caught my eye. Enclosed in beautiful white fur, the small thing looked so graceful. I couldn’t stop myself from stopping them and asking them about it. They told me they had just bought it. I found this as a blessing and the perfect opportunity to finally get a cat of my own, so I asked them for a price and If they were willing to sell it. They were more than happy to sell it. They told me the price.
 Having worked really hard for two months, I some extra money saved, so I paid them the money and brought the cat home. I was overjoyed with this decision and proud to the owner of such a cat- I felt happier already. I got food for the cat while on the way home. As we reached home, I gave her the food. She wouldn’t eat. I tried a lot, but she wouldn’t respond. Even though it was the most beautiful cat I had ever seen but something about her was strange. She had a sense of sadness, or emptiness, if that was possible. I began to get worried. What would happen if she didn’t eat? If something were to happen, would it because of me? How would I face my cousin?

  How would I face my family? How would I even move its dead body outside if she dies? What if someone saw me taking the body out. How will I face them? My mind was overcome with anxiety and flooding with all these horrific thoughts. She wasn’t friendly with me at all. Maybe she disliked me or maybe she was just sad after being separated from her ex-owner. It had been hours since I had gotten her home and I was almost getting tired as it was late. In this state of extreme tiredness, I had drifted off to sleep.
 Suddenly, I felt a movement which awoke me. I saw the cat slowly moving towards the bowl of food I had left out for her. She must have grown tired from refusing the food. I saw her eating, so I didn’t move and kept watching her as she finished the food. I was so happy watching her eat. It relieved all my stress and after she had eaten, I got up and got milk for her. She moved away as I went towards her. I had to give her space and be very still. It was time for me to act asleep. She looked for signs and whether I had slept or not. Then after a while, she drank it. I slept happy that night free of the guilt of what could have happened to her.
 I woke up the next day, quickly ate my breakfast and got the food for her. I knew she would eat once I am gone so I put it in front of where she was as she looked at me in disgust. I went to study, but all I could think of was why my cat was behaving like this and how to gain her trust. Would she have eaten the food I left for her? Time moved extremely slowly that day. I went home to find that, to my happiness, she had eaten the food. I rushed to put more food for in for her and went to work.
 When I came back home, I found her in the same corner. I looked at her and thought how beautiful she was. My only goal now was to get her to warm to me, the way other cats do with their owners. I finished my assignment from university and went to sleep. The next few days had flown by. I would provide my cat food daily and had the same usual routine, but I felt better. I had a goal now. I was motivated to achieve my goal.

Friendship with Rosy

  Finally, the day came and finally she didn’t flinch at my sight or move away as I put food in for her. She came close and sat near me. After finishing the food, she came and sat near me. I made space for her and she sat on my bed. I was elated. The next few days were even better. We were making good progress. She had started warming towards the person who would provide her food daily and even after getting no response from her, I would continue with this routine every day.

  Days passed and finally she got used to it and used to me. I had finally gotten what I wanted. She would get up when I would reach home and sit with me in my lap and lick my face sometimes. This would make me delighted. I would provide her with food and care, and she would provide me with love and comfort. I had a lot to look forward to now. I felt at peace and the feeling of being alone in another city didn’t scare me anymore. I had company now, the company I always wanted.
 My routine had changed. Now I would not go to work straight away from university. Instead I would play with Rosy. Yes, Rosy was the name I gave her. As soon as I would come home and call Rosy, she would be there on my bed. I would caress her and play with her all the time. She was soft like a rose and her beauty reminded me of flowers. That was the inspiration of her name.

Trip back home

  Soon, the time was coming when I had to go home for the holidays. My routine had gotten so much better that I no longer felt the need to go home. I left and took Rosy with me. The question of how my mum and Rosy will stay in the same house came to my mind. I had a plan in mind which was that my mum would not come in the room where Rosy was. I arranged for a separate room for me where no one would enter. So finally, I reached home.
 I kept Rosy in my room and would meet mum and family members in their rooms. When I went to the living room, mum and dad were surprised to see me so happy. They couldn’t believe I was the same person who had almost given up staying alone and they were glad I found and got Rosy. I told them how it was such a mental boost to have Rosy along with me in those tough times. Having someone who is always by your side in times like this is so much better than being alone. Rosy had made my life so easy.
 My parents told rest after my long journey. I went back to my room and there she was waiting for me in her room. As soon as she saw me, she started moving excitedly and I took her with me to the bed. Next morning, all my cousins came to see me, and I was proud to show them Rosy, the newest addition to my family.
 My cousin who loves cats was amazed by her beauty. He was reminiscent of the fact that he had so many cats of different breeds and different colors, but this was by far the most beautiful cat he had ever seen. This was lovely to hear. I told him all about Rosy and how I managed to win her heart after all my efforts. Rosy wouldn’t play much with anyone. She was indeed a tough-to-please cat and I was really lucky to have her.

  Everyone wanted to play with her. I let the children play with it on one condition that was not to hurt or tease her in any condition. This was a good day for me. Now that I actually owned a cat myself, my cousin shared tips with me and even knowledge that he had about cats in general. I couldn’t sleep early that night as I kept thinking about how I got so lucky to have Rosy. Nothing could take me away from her. The next few days at the home were really good. I was given the rest I really needed from the tough routine I was having. I got to spend ample time with Rosy as well.

Back to work

  Then I went back to the other city. And my routine started again. I was living a simple yet an enjoyable life. Until one day while I was walking down a street on my way home and I saw a missing poster of a cat which was recognizably Rosy. I was shocked. I recalled my meeting from those two guys who sold me Rosy and now their actions seemed suspicious. I was worried and disheartened. I couldn’t give Rosie away at any cost. I went back home scared and my life shaken. Once again, my mind was full of questions. I just can’t give Rosy.
 I will have to hide it from the world. I can’t take Rosy out in the lawn anymore and I can’t take her with me outside either. And the question about those two guys' identity remained unanswered in my mind. Next few days were horrific. I wasn’t able to concentrate whilst at work and I got scolded many times for doing my job wrong. I didn’t do well at my tests at University either. In my home as well, I kept inside and remained close to Rosie at every time. This was getting out of control. I had to go to Rosy's owner.

Meeting with Rosy’s owner

  I finally got his number from the missing poster and called him. I asked him the attributes of the cat he had lost. He told me about it. Then I asked him about how he had lost her. He told me everything about it how someone stole his cat. Due to which I got to know the guys who gave me Rosy were the ones who had stolen her from the owner. I told the owner how I had found his cat and took care of her until now. And when I got to know it was his, I called him.
 He gave me his address and asked to meet me with his cat. I was really upset. I didn’t want to go there. I knew what was in store for me and I wasn’t ready for it. I waited for a Sunday and woke up early. Then I got ready and with tears in my eyes looked at Rosy.

  She didn’t know what was coming her way. Neither, I had the courage to tell her. She looked at me and got in my lap and started licking me as she would mostly do. I took her with me in the car and went to the address. I reached the address and in no time we reached there. I knocked at the door and there he was. As soon as Rosy saw him, she jumped on him in delight and he gave the love back. Seeing this I understood why she wasn’t happy the first couple of days she met me.
 I understood that he was the right person to have the ownership. He shook my hand and called me inside. He then showed me Rosy’s house he had built himself as he was a carpenter himself. He then showed me his family’s pictures with Rosy and how happy they were with her. He also told me how sad he had been since he lost his cat. After listening to his story, I didn’t ask questions. Before meeting with him, I had made up my mind to question him whether I could keep Rosy and even I could give money to him for keeping Rosy. But since reaching his home, I had changed my thoughts.

Sad end

  He then asked me for how much I had bought Rosy. I told him exactly how it was. He then asked me if he could have Rosy back. He even asked to pay double of what I got Rosy for. But I told him he could keep her, and he didn’t need to pay me. I was really happy to see Rosy happy with her rightful owner.
 I was happy in her happiness. He was very glad to hear that. He gave me warm wishes and made beautiful wooden carved structure of a cat which looked like Rosy as a gift. And bade me farewell.
 The journey back home was really tough. I was happy for Rosy yet sad for my loss. After a few days, I got a call from him that Rosy had died and he called me for her funeral. The earth beneath me shook as I heard the shocking news. I went to see her last time and tried to console the owner. I would always remember her in my memories.

In the memory of Rosy

  She was the most beautiful little soul I had ever seen. She was so cute and innocent. She never made any owner upset ever. The grace she possessed was why everyone liked her and her not easy to please attitude made her even more elegant.